Fighting back against aging

I’m a 40-something woman. If I’m being really honest, it’s more like late-40’s something. If you’re also in this “prime” of your life, then you probably feel like I feel when I look in the mirror.


How the heck did that line get here? Why are my lips so much thinner? Could that stress line on my forehead get any deeper?


It’s hard getting older. And it’s not that we’re vain, it’s just that we knew how things “stood up” a lot better just 5 years ago. We like to look nice, and when you see things starting to sag, it’s just hard.


So, that’s why I looked into the new aesthetic services at Cherry Hills Midwifery & OBGYN.


In addition to offering truly personalized care for all my women’s health needs, they now offer laser hair removal, Intense Pulse Light therapy, and injectables. First off, how cool is it that I can go to the people I trust “down there” to also take care of my more outwardly facing features?


I’m already at ease with these ladies, so trusting them to do a little work on my face was a no-brainer for me.


Here’s what I had done:



The Xeomin was pretty easy to take given this was my first time getting anything injected in my face. I’m less than a week out, but my stress line on my forehead is gone! Worth the price of admission right there!


My cheeks, while a little more painful, weren’t bad at all. They know just where to inject so you get a more natural look. It’s like getting a mini-facelift because the volume they add to your cheeks subtly pulls up all that skin to help reduce those lines. Now this round-faced girl has the ever-so-slight hint of cheekbones!


Now, I’m not gonna lie, the work around my mouth was pretty painful. But, I’m so happy with the results. I had a smoker’s line that really bugged me. It’s completely gone now! They also added more definition to the lines that meet up with the tips of my upper lips (very scientific terminology.) The area above my lips bruised the most, but not so much that I couldn’t hide it with makeup.


I’m really happy with my lips. I think a lot of women see the horribly unnatural work Meg Ryan had done and don’t want to destroy their natural look. The ladies at Cherry Hills make sure you look like you, just a little enhanced. My lips are definitely fuller and have more definition, but not so dramatic that I don’t look like myself. They just look a little younger.

The work on my face is expected to last up to a year, while my lips will last about 6 months because we use our lips daily. I would love to get Intense Laser Therapy to zap those dark spots on my skin, but it’s not recommended to do that when you have filler in your face (there are just not enough studies to deem it safe.) So, if you want the full facial services, be sure to talk to Mindy or Abbey about the order you should do each step.  


Look, I’m your typical mom of 4. I wear jeans almost every day. I make it to the gym occasionally. I’m not some housewife of Beverly Hills. But, I do take pride in how I look. And, I’m really happy with my results.


So, if you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and don’t love all those little lines that have snuck up on you over the years, I’d recommend you give injectables a try. And, you can trust the ladies you trust with all your other women’s health needs to do a great job of making you look like you – only better.


If you're interested in a consultation, please call our office or set up an appointment online. 


Cherry Hills Midwifery & OBGYN

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