Diana Buckwalter, CMW joins Cherry Hills Midwifery & OBGYN

We are thrilled to announce Diana Buckwalter has joined the Cherry Hills Midwifery & OBGYN family. Diana has been a women's health provider for 30 years. She has spent her career encouraging, educating and empowering women. She has delivered so many babies.  She spent many years in private practice before expanding into project management building birth centers. She has been involved with rewriting legislation regarding the standards of care for birth centers in Colorado. She has been a pioneer in her field, bringing midwifery to the hospital setting to offer women more choices in childbirth.


Diana most recently worked internationally as part of a team opening a new hospital in Qatar. She worked with women and coworkers from 86 countries. This experience was a unique opportunity to broaden her horizons and be exposed to many different cultures that are rare in the USA. She worked with a large Muslim population and learned that women are the same all over the world. She loved working with nurses from the Philippines and India.


Diana has worked with women of all ages. She enjoys the exuberance of youth and the wisdom of aging. She can discuss contraception, pregnancy, menopause, sexual concerns, or just an annual exam.


She is married with seven children and 29 grandchildren. This affords her a unique and empathetic approach to the women she cares for. Diana has traveled all over the world, loves seeing new places and she loves spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren!

If you are expecting or planning on getting pregnant, please call our office to schedule a consultation with Diana today. (303) 788-0808.

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