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The providers at Englewood, Colorado-based Cherry Hills Midwifery, Obstetrics,& Gynecology have helped many women who suffered from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Many of their patients regard Dr. Andrew Ross, Erin Stoesz, Diana Buckwalter, and Mindy Willits as some of the leading STI specialists in Denver.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Q & A

What Are Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Any infection primarily passed by the exchange of body fluids during a sexual act is classified as an STI. The infection may be bacterial, fungal or viral in nature. Although the usual method of transmission is through a sexual act, many STIs can be transmitted via other methods as well.

The most notorious STIs is HIV, which is the virus that causes AIDs. HIV is rare in the United States compared to other STIs. Other common STIs include genital warts, genital herpes, hepatitis B, HPV, and chlamydia. (This list is not comprehensive.)

What Is the Difference Between STDs and STIs?

The difference between sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and STIs is mostly a difference in name only. STIs used to be primarily referred to as STDs, and the term is still used by many both in and outside the medical field. Recently, however, STI has become the preferred term because it’s more accurate. These infections sometimes cause diseases, but people can carry them without exhibiting any symptoms of an actual disease. Therefore, it’s more precise to call them infections, not diseases.

How Do Medical Providers Diagnose STIs?

Since there are many different STIs, there are a number of tests used to screen for them. Tests that check for different STIs include:

  • Pap smears
  • urine samples
  • blood samples
  • swabs of the anus or genitals

Medical providers will suggest tests based on individual risk factors.  Patients who are at risk of getting multiple STIs may need to undergo several tests.

Are STI Appointments Confidential?

By law, all medical appointments are kept confidential. This includes appointments for STI testing and treatment. No one besides a patient’s medical provider will know about the testing unless the patient grants permission to tell others.  Some positive tests are reported in a protected and confidential manner to the state health department in insuring adequate treatment and prevention of disease spread.

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